Zelman Clock (ゼルマン·クロック, Zeruman Kurokku) is one of the supporting characters of Black Blood Brothers.



Zelman Clock is a noble demon, he has his own code of honor and respect for freedom. He has a wild nature and devilish charisma radiating a certain superiority and greatness in everything. Don’t try to expect compassion from him, he is provocative and cruel. But on the other hand his personality is more pleasant than that of first sight. The affable evil lord of the House of Darkness and self-proclaimed «bad guy». He makes friends with Kotaro pretty much the first time they meet, and is one of the most powerful vampires alive, helping to suppress the wave of Kowloon Child infection. He doesn’t share the worldview and arrogance of his subordinate August.

Zelman is one of the leaders holding territories in the Special area and he controls the so-called group «The Coven». In spite of young appearance he is oldest alive vampire whom everyone must respect. He travels around the world but now lives in the Special area. This place surprises him because people and vampires live together, this fact is pleasant to him. Like a person who lives too long, he suffers or suffered from sense of collapse.

He is not only descendant of Asura, but he’s also possessor of «divine fire». He can use «Eye Ignite» that helps to create a flame in sight. He is a perfect warrior, strategist and he boats unspeakable power for long and short distance battles. He is enthusiastic about combating and despite of all versatile behavior, he is a regular guy.




Jiro Mochizuki

Kotaro Mochizuki

Powers and Abilities

Having inherited the special blood of the war god Asura (闘将アスラ?), Zelman has a power called Eye Ignite, which enables him to create and control fire.


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  • Zelman has many other titles including "The Ancient Dark Hunter", "The Follower of the Fire God", "The Red-eyed Murderer", and "The Prince with Blood-colored Eyes".
  • He is a leader of the non-officially-sanctioned group called The Coven. Because he had to prove his bloodline, and had to go through a fight, he was the only one that was left; which is also due to his lifespan of 800 years.
  • Sei is only stronger person than Zelman.
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