Rinsuke Akai

An investigator in the Order Coffin Company, And is super HOT. A happy-go-lucky friend of Jiro, Akai is the one to let Jiro off when he is caught by the Suppression Team. He is also the one who made arrangements for the ship which Jiro and Kotaro are seen traveling in at the beginning of the series. He also seems to have homosexual tendencies, especially towards Jiro. Whether or not he is actually homosexual still remains unknown.

Also, Kain had placed Rinsuke under a hypnotic suggestion, on questions regarding the 11th Yard, which is a secret location in the Special Zone where the ashes of Adam Wong, the Kowloon King, is hidden. Anytime Rinsuke even mentions the 11th Yard, he is rendered quickly but harmlessly into a temporary catatonic state.