Mitaki Onezaki

Mitaki Onezaki is the chairman of the Order Coffin Company and possibly one the the most influential members within the Special Zone. He was born within that city when it was nothing more than a slum area, and following the Kowloon Shock had rebuilt it into a secret home for much of the vampire population on Earth. He was also behind the effort in moving the ashes of Adam Wong, the originator of the Kowloon bloodline, into a secret location within the Special Zone, the 11th Yard - within an old warehouse which now is the home of Jiro Mochizuki, Kotaro Mochizuki and Mimiko Katsuragi.

Even though too old to be on the front lines in the battle against the Kowloon Children, Onezaki has taken upon himself to safeguard the Special Zone - even not evacuating it when the city was beset by Kowloon Children created from tainted blood packs.

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