Kain Warlock in human form

Cain Warlock Edit

A vampire that served the Warlock family and Cassa. Before the Kowloon Shock, Cain was the retainer of the Warlock family of King Azami. Kain sworn as a guardian to the queen of the chaotic bloodline, Alice Eve but failed to protect her when his former mistress Cassa killed Alice and been reborn into a baby boy, Kotaro. After the incident, Cain entered the Special Zone and sworn service to Lord Dragon Sei.

Cain is a distinguished old blood within the Special Zone, as well as the manager of the Marine Bank there. He has little patience for Jiro, as he believes Jiro is still too immature for his own good. But Cain also understands and respects Jiro's skill with the sword.

Abilities Edit


Cain has the ability to transform to a blue werewolf, making his strength severely increased and his defense.

Blood TrackingEdit


Cain also possessed the normal abilities of a black blood, which includes 'Hide Hand' and 'Eye Raid'.

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