Jinnai Shogo

Jinnai Shogo was one of the 'four heroes of Hong Kong', the four warriors that had fought the Kowloon Children during the chaotic war that had destroyed the city, the others being Jiro Mochizuki, Kain Warlock and Sei. He was also the only one of the four that was human. Since that time, he has become the head of the mediation department of the Order Coffin Company and Mimiko Katsuragi's direct superior, only answering to Mitaki Onezaki, the head of the OCC. Currently, his job is to see that Jiro and Kotaro Mochizuki are settled within the Special Zone alongside with Mimiko. He has his reasons - but he's not telling just yet!

Voice creditsEdit

  • JAPANESE - Ken Narita (成田 剣)
  • ENGLISH - Daniel Penz