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Badrick Serihan

Badrick Serihan is the field commander of the Order Coffin Company's Suppression Team. He is a tough, no-nonsense man who is genuinely devoted to protecting the Special Zone against the Kowloon Children - even if it means attacking innocent vampires of broken bloodlines if a Kowloon Child is suspected of being among them. His team attacked the freighter that was transporting refugee vampires from China that was lead by Kelly Wong - and had Jiro and Kotaro in it as well. It was later that he found out who Jiro really was - when Johan Tsang sprung his trap and had almost all the refugees made into Kowloon Children, which tragically included Chan. Although his right arm was broken in the fight, he asked Jiro to stop Tsang from entering the Special Zone. He was also instrumental in stemming the attempt by Cassa of flooding the Special Zone with Kowloon Children transformed with tainted blood - while she searched for the ashes of Adam Wong, the Kowloon King, with the secret 11th Yard of the Zone.

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